Tirra Braddy, CEO & Founder, of one of the world’s most elite urban empowerment powerhouses founded ThoughtsbyT Enterprises in August of 2012.  Coming from a background of poverty, homelessness, and a fear stricken environment in which she was taught to play it safe, she chose to break the mold of them all as a means to pursue purpose.  With a willing heart to trust God, she found her purpose in life.

Along her journey of finding life purpose she was faced with every type of obstacle imaginable: fear, abandonment, betrayal, rejection, depression, anxiety, lack of funds to advance, heartbreak, and pain.  However, her resiliency in wanting to live life free from bondage of any sorts in conjunction to her yearning desire for God, she was able to overcome them all.  Her life is a pure testament of God being a rewarder of not only those that seek Him, but of those that don’t give up.

She now lives her life with the purpose of teaching others all over the world how to do the same.  Ms. Braddy has a resume that includes reaching people of ALL nationalities and ages.  She has traveled the world vastly as a means of teaching others how to stay strong and overcome life obstacles and tragedies by having faith in God.  Her future plans for ThoughtsbyT Enterprises include but are not limited to creating future urban empowerment leaders, helping others find their life purpose, as well as becoming a financial powerhouse to aid in carrying the burdens of the weak.

“Here at ThoughtsbyT Enterprises we believe in giving others hope by being the light that they need in the midst of dark and trying times. At some point we have all needed a glimmer of hope to encourage us to keep going and to not throw in the towel.”

-Tirra Braddy