scs youth eventThoughtsbyT Enterprises, LLC is a Christian based company that is dedicated to inspiring communities to overcome the many obstacles brought on by life.

We are a company dedicated to the betterment of high school juniors, seniors, as well as individuals older in age across the world. Our organization seeks to place these individuals in a positive environment that promotes excellency in every aspect of life. Through a positive mindset and the work ethic to match, anything is possible.

ThoughtsbyT Enterprises, LLC has also provided services for various organizations, educational development, professional development, personal development, and community outreach efforts with profit as well as non-profit organizations.

Social media and word of mouth buzz came from our founder, Tirra Braddy, and her ThoughtsbyT daily inspirational messages to the masses.

The authenticity and transparency of our approach to the community is the deal breaker. We excel at making huge impacts in communities all over the world simply by being relatable to everyday life struggles and the overcoming of these struggles.