What Is Coming Is Greater Than What’s Been…

As we enter into the last of 2019 in preparation for the year 2020, it is IMPERATIVE that we understand that the determining factor for what 2020 looks like for us starts now. I know that for many reading this post, 2019 has been a year of hardship, pruning, and decision making that has led to pain, discomfort and much dissatisfaction with life. However, the mindset that must now be carry us over into 2020 has to be a mindset that says that what is coming is MUCH BETTER than what has been.

As I was spending time with the Lord this morning, He simply began to remind me that the sun ALWAYS shines bright after the storm. By Him giving me this reminder, I knew that He was not only acknowledging the fact that 2019 has been rough for many, but He was also saying that things are about to get A LOT better for those of us that remain standing and in faith. Now here is your word:

Don’t let the shadowy remnants of 2019 linger on your mind for God is taking you to newer and greater heights. As the turbulence that MANY of you have felt begins to suddenly drop off and disappear, you will find yourself SOARING to newer and greater heights at a rate that others will deem unattainable and unrealistic. The move of God that you have been waiting on is NOW hitting the lives and the homes of those deemed FAVORABLE in His sight. The ones that CHOSE to stick it out until the end no matter how long it has been will NOW begin to see things turn around for their good. The chaos will now turn into your solid foundation. The doors closed in the past will now present to you your God ordained blessings. Opportunities that you felt you missed out on will now RE-EMERGE as God himself brings them back around. Desires that fell to to way-side will now be PICKED BACK UP and SUCCESS will now be granted. Stay in position says God. Believe for more says God and DIG DEEPER as your life is NOW about to shift to a level that no eyes have seen before. Prepare your buckets says the spirit of the living God, for everything that you have sown in tears, finances, and toiling the ground will NOW be returned to you in a multiplied way as you enter into the realm of the Spirit that produces the fruit for your harvest. The change starts NOW. The shift starts NOW. Dont grow weary or throw in the towel, but KEEP PUSHING because your labor was NOT in vain. It pays off NOW says God, so EXPECT SUDDENLIES, VICTORIES IN LONG STANDING BATTLES, AND EXPECT SUPERNATURAL FAVOR AND INCREASE in Jesus’ name. Amen.

God Bless You And Keep You,

Apostle T

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  1. I just read your blog What is coming is greater than what’s been. Oh how it touch my inner spirit. Yesterday something told me to download periscope and I didn’t know why but I did and God lead me to you. You blessed me tonight. Also when you accepted my 1.00 dollar bill God let me know that he is going to turn that into MILLIONS for me and when I win my MILLIONS in my personal injury settlement this year I now know where the 10% is going. I see you blessing people ALL around the world and I want to BLESS you so you can BLESS others and allow God to use you to save their lives like you did mine tonight. God Bless you!!!!!!!!

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