There Has To Be More….

For many 2019 has been a year of MANY frustrations and disappointments that have left many feeling as if they might as well give up. However, what we must all remember is that when all hell begins to break loose in our lives it is only because something NEW and REWARDING is about to spring forth.

Over my journey of walking with God, what I’ve found is that life often has what I call the slingshot effect, meaning that there are moments where we feel we are advancing only to feel like we are being set back. I know that this is where many of you reading this are in life. Feeling as if your efforts are in vain or that maybe you chose to pursue the wrong thing. This word is for you:

As you move through what seems to be rocky terrain understand that where you are is NOT where you will stay. At the conclusion of the valley you will be met with restoration as well as an abundance of joy. Don’t let the current circumstances or the storms that you are facing dictate to you what your future will be. Understand that the storm is not a forever kind of thing. It is seasonal says God and as its expiration draws near, things in the natural realm will look more chaotic. During this time it may seem as if you can’t catch a break or that everything you’ve worked so hard for is falling apart or taking an unexpected turn. Stay the course is what God says for the chaos that you see today is ONLY the precursor for the new beginning that is about to take place and REMEMBER that you WILL reap your harvest if you do not faint (Galatians 6:9)

God Bless You,



  1. Yassss 👏🏼👏🏼 This blog post explained my exact feelings all 2019!! It gets hard BUT GOD! I’m so thankful and grateful for your testimonies about your journey that’s you’ve been sharing; and your obedience to God in writing and sharing this post!! As you encourage others I pray that God continues to strengthen and encourage you!

  2. God said it and I received it. Much more through his GRACE and MERCY over my family and my life. No WEPONS formed against me shall prosper. These chains are broken off of my life right now. Amen

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